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Rovio’s New Location-Based Campaign Powered by Zigi

Angry Birds fans in China can now receive free power-ups when they visit any one of over 1500 McDonald’s restaurants across the country. The product enabling this campaign – the first of its kind to launch anywhere in the world – is powered by Zigi, the mobile ad platform that lets retail brands and their agencies reach millions of mobile game players worldwide, driving verified foot traffic to retail stores and paying only for results.

Using Zigi, Angry Birds developer Rovio has created an intriguing in-game experience for their fans in China. In Angry Birds on iOS, fans see a new option for discovering special locations on real world map. This location-based feature shows fans nearby retail locations at which they can receive free in-game power-ups. Fans simply visit the retail location and content is automatically unlocked within the game. No manual check-ins, no forms to fill in – just pure excitement for fans and verified foot traffic for physical locations.

The unique user experience and monetization opportunities enabled by Zigi are available to mobile game developers who can find out more about Zigi on the Zigi Developers’ site.

Retail brands and their agencies can learn more about increasing foot traffic and reaching millions of mobile game players at the Zigi Brands’ site.

McDonald’s China Partners With Angry Birds For Special Edition Gameplay

McDonald’s in China has teamed up with Rovio for an Angry Birds-themed location-based game which gives customers of the fast food chain special games while they’re in the restaurants.

TBWA/Shanghai and TBWA/Gamelab (which is based in Helsinki and has a relationship with Rovio) developed the campaign, which gives special hidden game modes and free Power-Ups to McDonald’s customers who are playing Angry Birds on their iOS devices. A TV commercial, featuring a McDonald’s burger that gets stolen from a customer by the pigs, setting the birds in motion, launches the campaign.

In addition to the spot and customized game, which features in-game advertising and is available on both mobile and desktop devices, the campaign also includes in-store promotions, online advertising, social and outdoor media. Consumers will also be given the opportunity to vote on a city that will get to build an actual “slingshot,” outside its branch of McDonald’s.

Rovio recently also announced a partnership with the Star Wars films. In November, the brand will debut a video game which will combine the Angry Birds with the plots of characters from the Star Wars saga. Red Bird will play Luke Skywalker. Check it out on, and follow @creativitymag on Twitter for more great work.